About us


Holland Consulting Group, founded in 1980, is a fully independent management consultancy serving businesses, institutions and government bodies. Under the watchful eye of Prof. John Koster, our 8-dimensional partnership has developed into a highly effective and close-knit team.

Our passion is to make your organisation function consistently better and work with your employees to seek out new opportunities, implement change and get results. We are also highly skilled in combating crises and responsible decision-making. Advisory processes such as these come naturally to Holland Consulting Group, enabling us to provide enthusiasm and added value with a sharp focus on practicality and solutions.

Our core activities include gathering, refining, creating and communicating incisive management information, focusing on anything from functional matters to the road to improvement ('the process'). Wherever possible, we like to work together with you or other partners. We strive to ensure continual interplay between theory and practice by incorporating cutting-edge applied science into modern consultancy practice. Our core values are service, professionalism and innovation.

We are happy to share our insights, not only through our consultancy practice but also countless books, publications and lectures. We believe that to share knowlegde is to expand knowledge, and we invite you to take part in this highly enlightening process. Our website features a wealth of downloadable content, and feel free to ask us anything you wish. We will do everything we can to answer your questions online within 24 hours.


Organisations in the business sector, the semi-public sector and the government all operate in a constantly changing and complex environment. This requires continual adjustment and adaptation of business operations, organisation, strategy and policy. The way people work together in teams, develop as professionals and pursue personal ambitions and organisational objectives is also subject to constant change.

Our vision is that when it comes to complex management issues - as well as a whole range of simpler matters - external assistance can really pay dividends. External advisors possess a great deal of knowledge and experience. We consider it our duty to share our understanding and expertise and devise a grand plan for your organisation and employees. In our opinion, consultancy is about nurturing learning, development and growth. Our goal is to make ourselves redundant by teaching you all we know. And if new challenges crop up in the future, we'll be only too happy to see you again!

In the scope of this this constant learning, development and sharing, we naturally devote extensive attention to our own development. For this reason, many of us are involved with universities and other educational institutions on a part-time basis. We also teach, give presentations and publish articles.

Holland Consulting Group is a unique and highly recognisable consultancy firm, mainly due to our focus on development and knowledge sharing. A wealth of international assignments, boardroom consultancy and successful implementations all testify to this. Holland Consulting Group's distinctive position derives from our quality of service, thought leadership and professional development.

Holland Consulting Group stands out due to the following aspects:

  • Independence and objectivity.
  • Partners and associate partners are leading specialists in their discipline.
  • Continual professional development, as demonstrated by publications and prominent lectureships in the field of service quality.
  • Regular client group.
  • Quality of service.
  • Clearly described working methods
  • Active involvement with clients.
  • Focus on implementation of advice and sustained results.

Holland Consulting Group also develops management instruments with a wide range of practical applications, such as diagnosing management and organisational problems. All of these instruments and publications are offered free of charge via our website.

Our consultancy activities cover a broad range of disciplines and virtually all areas of the economy, including the profit, non-profit and government sectors.