Change management

Change management issues that Holland Consulting Group has dealt with:

  • Reinforcing customer/result-orientation and promoting enterprise.
  • Implementing and overseeing performance-oriented working methods.
  • Conducting organisational audits and diagnoses.
  • Implementing new strategies, e.g. marketing.
  • Realising proactive leadership.
  • Implementing new management structures.
  • Optimising collaboration between and within various organisational units.
  • Developing and boosting performance management.
  • Helping initiate complex change processes.

To do this, Holland Consulting Group employs a variety of methods, such as:

  • Supporting organisations in the design of continual improvement processes for managers and employees in order to ensure the changes take root.
  • Counselling managers in supervisory skills and the provision of support during change processes.
  • Organising working conferences on the implementation of desired changes.
  • Facilitating boardroom meetings on change architecture and plans.
  • Setting up training programmes for managers and employees to develop new behaviour appropriate to the desired change.
  • Conducting quick scans (including surveys, analysis of relevant material, interviews with key figures etc.)
  • Helping teams to work together to develop new skills relevant to the organisational change.
  • Assisting managers and teams in the management of resistance and conflicts.
  • Investigating and discussing any possible causes of stagnation in co-operation with the parties involved.