Coaching & Counseling

Over the years, Holland Consulting Group has conducted numerous assignments in this field involving aspects such as:

  • Sparring partners at the board/management level.
  • Management training and guidance.
  • Professional counselling, including intervision.
  • Boosting leadership and self-leadership.
  • Examining personal motivators and obstacles.
  • Dealing with emotions.
  • Dealing with life changes or other major changes.
  • Insight into own behaviour and its effect on others.
  • Friction within collaborations, including team coaching.
  • Boosting self-confidence and personal power.
  • Recalibrating your life compass and setting a new course.
  • Exploring own character profile and underlying personalities.
  • Focusing on essential personal issues and choices.
  • Developing self-awareness and boosting personal effectivity.