Fields and specialisations

Holland Consulting Group is an independent management consultancy serving the business sector, the service industry, various institutions and the public/semi-public sector.

We carefully monitor professional developments at both the national and international level. By maintaining close contact with universities, we continually incorporate the latest academic advancements into modern professional practice. This ensures high-quality consultancy services.

Our endeavours get results in eight specific areas:

Performance management

  • Balanced scorecard
  • Performance measurement
  • Performance indicators

Financial management

  • Accounting
  • Management control
  • Financial operations
  • Activity-based costing
  • Value management

Strategic management and marketing

  • Situational audit and market research
  • Mergers and collaboration
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Development and implementation of marketing policy
  • Innovation and R&D management

Structural issues

  • Design of top structures
  • Design of group and divisional structures
  • Restructuring of line and staff relationships
  • Centralisation/decentralisation issues
  • Development of business units and profit/performance centres

Cultural change

  • Boosting internal entrepreneurship
  • Reinforcing customer service
  • Optimising quality of service
  • Improving internal communication

Human resource management

  • Development and implementation of human resource management
  • Assessment systems and performance reviews
  • Recruitment and selection (Assessment Centre Method)
  • Management development, training and education
  • Result-oriented coaching