Holland Consulting Group in the community

Social responsibility

Holland Consulting Group's advisors are actively involved with organisations, authorities and officials in many different sectors of the economy. They play an active role in the community and are committed to tackling a wide variety of social issues.

Holland Consulting Group operates according to an independent, objective and expert approach. The interests of the client are firmly entrenched in the analysis and the execution of the project. We open up all issues for discussion that can boost the performance of an organisation or director in the short and/or long-term, for example, development opportunities for sustained growth or aspects of corporate social responsibility. Holland Consulting Group's advisors remain continually alert regarding the impact of the organisation on its stakeholders and vice versa. This is based on both the short and long-term interests of the client.

Naturally, the framework within which Holland Consulting Group operates are defined by laws and regulations. We will ensure compliance with all legislation that may be applicable to our clients and whenever necessary, we will adjust our advice accordingly. This is all done without assuming responsibility from our clients. Naturally, all of Holland Consulting Group's projects are executed in compliance with a code of conduct. (PM)

Respect and diversity

Respect for all is a core value of Holland Consulting Group and all of its employees. This respect is regardless of race, colour, gender, religion, political persuasion, nationality, social background, property, birth or any other status.

Holland Consulting Group believes that diversity is vital in ensuring the optimal function of organisations and therefore strives to maximise diversity.