Personal effectivity

Personal effectivity issues (personal training and/or coaching) that Holland Consulting Group has successfully handled include:

  • "I have to manage a complex change process and I want to develop the necessary skills, techniques and instruments."
  • "I lack confidence and I need someone to give me concrete pointers in order to take targeted action."
  • "I have difficulty dealing with my own and other people's emotions and I need a tailor-made programme that is compatible with my personality."
  • "I need a personal coach who will hold a mirror up to me, confront me when necessary and help boost my awareness of my own behaviour."
  • "I have difficulty working together with my colleagues and I need someone or something to help me improve this."
  • "It's lonely at the top: I need a sparring partner to talk to every now and then."
  • "As a manager, I'm too insecure and have difficulty with decisiveness and self-confidence. I need someone or something to help me improve these aspects."
  • "I need to pause for reflection and get external counselling so I can find a balance in my life and recalibrate my course for the future."
  • "I want a personal programme that is brief and to the point as well as being specifically based on my needs. It should involve everything from the latest insights in various disciplines to personal tips and concrete practice of real-life cases."