Team building

Team-building issues resolved by Holland Consulting Group include:

  • Healing old wounds and/or friction between parties to inject new elan and perspective into collaborations.
  • Evaluating the quality of work consultations/mutual communication and identifying the most important points for attention and recommendations.
  • Improving the quality of collective decision-making.
  • Examining each other's roles in the team and agreeing to allocate duties and responsibilities accordingly.
  • Giving and receiving personal feedback.
  • Developing unification skills and reinforcing the sense of 'us'.
  • Analysing long-term conflicts to which the parties involved have long since resigned themselves, searching for any possible opportunities for co-operation and formulating concrete recommendations for rejuvenating these strained relationships.
  • Helping the new management team to get into the saddle and giving guidance in the initial/follow-up stages.

Creating momentum that truly brings the team members together and ensures an inspiring and challenging programme that galvanises everyone to give their all.