Cris Zomerdijk

"I have a passion for 'game changers' - organisations devoted to innovation, customer-orientation and enterprise." "I consider it my personal mission to pass on my enthusiasm and positive energy to other professionals and boost their performance."

Cris Zomerdijk is a management consultant and has been an associate partner of Holland Consulting Group since 2010. He specialises in boosting the customer-orientation, enterprising spirit and innovation of service providers. He also works as guest lecturer at Maastricht School of Management and the De Baak Institute as well as being an author and management speaker who inspires professionals to set the wheels of change in motion.

Contact details
Secretary: Soraya Friedrich (tel. 020-5733407)
Twitter: zomerdijkcris

Cris J. Zomerdijk is a change-management specialist who enables service providers to better anticipate changing environments and realise their strategies. He is known for his enthusiasm, enterprising spirit and positive energy.

Besides his consultancy activities, he also works as a guest lecturer at Maastricht School of Management, Rotterdam School of Management and the De Baak Institute. Cris is highly in demand as a speaker and regularly organises in-company programmes focusing on change management and professionalisation.

His curiosity and personal professionalisation motivates him to regularly publish articles and reports on organisations and individuals that have successfully implemented change and new management methods in their professional practice. In 2012, the book De Ondernemende Professional (The Enterprising Professional) was launched at Nyenrode Business University and in 2014, he contributed to the book Ondernemend Adviseren (Enterprising Consultancy') as a guest author.

Primary areas of expertise

  • Reinforcing internal entrepreneurship
  • Boosting commercial capacity
  • Improving customer-orientation, service provision and culture

Typical requests from Cris Zomerdijk's clients include:

  • Help us to translate our strategic objectives into concrete improvements in our teams' working methods, attitude and behaviour.
  • Help us turn things around with regard to commercial power, innovation and ownership of results.
  • Help us to overcome pitfalls, resolve sticking points and minimise lost energy during change processes.
  • Help us to further develop our professionals into enterprising and customer-oriented consultants.
  • Help us hold a mirror up to ourselves and use your enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise to galvanise us into action.