Daniël Wolfs

"My passion is working with you to realise change that captures the imagination. I constantly seek new and original ways to approach and resolve your professional challenges, creating an almost indescribable feeling of progress, urgency and action."

Daniël Wolfs MSc has been an associate partner at Holland Consulting Group since 2015. In recent years, Daniël has specialised in the discipline of change management. He designs and facilitates processes involving collaboration and co-creation between stakeholders in different departments or organisations. The goal is to make sure everyone fully understands the change, is committed to achieving the desired results and knows exactly what is expected of them.
He does this by facilitating dialogue about strategy, ownership, involvement (transcending departmental and organisational boundaries) and effective team-building. Listening, observation and intervention are key ingredients in this process.
In recent years, he has penned a number of publications on strategy and change based on research and his own professional practice.

Contact details

Email: wolfs@hcg.net
Tel: 06 150 40 440
Secretary: Jutta Van Dijk (tel: 020-5733406)
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/djgwolfs
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/@danielwolfs

Daniël Wolfs MSc is an associate partner at Holland Consulting Group.
For years, he has advised a wide range of organisations regarding formulation and realisation of their strategy and change processes. He particularly focuses on the impact of change on individuals and interpersonal issues (resistance, conflicts and contrasting viewpoints). He plays many different roles, such as strategic advisor, facilitator of over 50 strategic meetings and change manager in complex change processes.

He graduated from Utrecht University with a degree in Information Science. He also earned the title of Master of Management Consultancy from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, for his research into change processes that you normally only see in films, entitled "What can Hollywood teach us about organisational change?" He also regularly writes and speaks about organisational change.

Besides his professional ambitions, it is also important to Daniël that he does his bit for society. The best example of this is his initiation and realisation of a promotion for his former employer KPMG in 2012. This particular campaign raised €175,000 for the Red Cross via 3FM Serious Request, whilst simultaneously connecting the KPMG community.

Primary areas of expertise
Facilitation | change management | consultancy | storytelling | strategy | day chairmanship

Daniël Wolfs' clients regularly call upon his advisory, facilitation, speaking and day-chairmanship skills, with assignments such as:

  • We want to arrange an away day for our staff: can you facilitate this?
  • How can we optimally combine our strengths despite our differences?
  • How can we build momentum in our change process?
  • How can I realise effective change within a complex environment?
  • How can we boost co-operation within our organisation?
  • How can I boost collaboration between my organisation and suppliers, clients and other organisations?
  • I'd like to adopt Theory U for my change process: how can I do this and how will it benefit me?
  • We want to understand each other better: how can we clear the channels of communication?
  • I'm a young professional in a large organisation: how can I get the best out of myself?

Client comments:

  • "A pleasant, energetic and highly skilled professional. He has a broad knowledge of tried and trusted methods, but is also not afraid to break new ground with creative and innovative strategies. He is very effective in translating the insights gained into structural solutions that surpass everyone's expectations."
  • Daniël is very professional. He is energetic, funny and easy to get on with, which greatly benefits his interaction with me and other important stakeholders. At the same time, he remains fully focused on practicality, results and action.
  • “It's amazing how you led our group to such heights. You helped us accomplish a great deal more in a few days than we would have otherwise - that is the value you bring.”

"Daniël is an exemplary facilitator. He keeps everything under control and has a particular talent for spotting opportunities for practical change.