Gert-Jan van der Vossen

"I greatly enjoy giving support to directors, supervisory officers and works councils regarding issues that are - or more often simply seem - particularly complex. I offer services with an integrated and sustainable perspective, delivering a high level of involvement and expertise with both feet firmly on the ground. I like to explore new opportunities, avert crises, improve performance and arrive at well-thought out judgements. And you mustn't forget the human touch, as it's people that truly make the difference."

Gert-Jan Van Der Vossen has been a partner at Holland Consulting Group since 1998. He advises directors, supervisory officers and works councils on complex change processes, in which strategic, management and governance issues take centre stage. He also manages mergers and takeovers in addition to conducting analysis and other expert research into financial, commercial and organisational issues.

Van Der Vossen has a great deal of experience working with companies in the midst of significant changes and/or crises. In this capacity, he has functioned as a consultant, co-ordinator, right-hand man and interim director. He conducts assignments in the Netherlands and abroad within both the public and private sectors.

Contact details
Secretary: Jutta Van Dijk (tel. 020-5733406)

Primary areas of expertise

  • Integral management and governance.
  • Strategic reorientation and implementation of strategy.
  • Management control: administrative and control instruments for people within organisations, programmes and projects.
  • Commercial issues.
  • Mergers and takeovers.
  • Sustainable recovery of businesses and institutions going through hard times.

Types of service and roles based on the above areas of expertise:

  • Consultancy
  • Development and management of cases
  • Setting up, co-ordinating and conducting analysis
  • Teaching
  • Assessment, evaluation and the set-up, supervision and chairmanship of evaluation meetings
  • Developing, overseeing and chairing expert meetings
  • Facilitation
  • Substantive and process-oriented coaching
  • Setting up, co-ordinating and conducting research
  • Quick scans
  • Second opinions
  • Sparring partner (confidential or otherwise)
  • Developing study programmes
  • Any other role in which the client recognises clear added value.

Examples of assignments set by Gert-Jan Van Der Vossen's clients:

  • A non-profit organisation is informed of the government's intention to cut their subsidies. The chairman of the board requests support during the resulting strategic process as well as programme-management expertise in order to initiate and implement the necessary changes.
  • A retail organisation owned by an international private-equity concern is expected to be back on the market within a year. The Central Works Council is looking for an accomplished and expert manager for this process who will be accepted by the company's board of directors.
  • A number of non-profit organisations want to explore the potential benefits of collaboration. They are looking for a co-ordinator to prepare a conference for the MTs concerned and to function as a day chairman for the conference.
  • The supervisory boards of two large institutions undergoing a merger are looking for an independent process manager to handle the restructuring of the supervisory board for the newly formed company.
  • The director of a company in financial need requests support in effectuating an urgent strategic reorganisation, setting up a reorganisation plan and managing the process in such a way that the company's market performance does not suffer.
  • A breach of trust has occurred between the employees and the management of an institution, partly due to alleged financial mismanagement. The management asks for temporary support in order to find a solution. This appointment is approved by the works council.
  • The management of a large organisation is looking for a sparring partner to enhance its planning and control operations.
  • A municipality is wondering whether they are truly in control of a major construction and development project. They ask us to conduct an assessment and make recommendations for improvement.
  • A legal supervisor requests financial and commercial analysis to determine whether cross-subsidisation has taken place.
  • The European works council of a multinational corporation wants an expert opinion regarding the supervisory board's intention to conduct an international merger.
  • A network of professionals is looking for a day chair/manager who will set up a programme for their annual professional-development meeting and create cases for the meeting based on their day-to-day practice.