John Koster

"Sales and marketing are currently undergoing an amazing online revolution. It's not just a time of change, it's a changing of the times." "Commercial processes are far too important to leave to marketeers alone."

Prof. John Koster is partner and chairman of Holland Consulting Group. He is also a professor of marketing at Nyenrode Business University. He advises, writes and teaches about commercial and strategic issues. This is mainly done in technical environments for professional service providers, although sometimes for non-profit organisations too. His 25+ years of experience make him a successful boardroom consultant, discussion partner and source of inspiration for directors and senior managers.

Contact details
Secretary: Eef Span (tel. 020-5733410)
LinkedIn: nl/
Twitter: @Johnmdkoster

John Koster has been a partner at Holland Consulting Group since 1997.

He studied business economics and philosophy of science before gaining his doctorate at the age of 29. He was later appointed director of the Ribes Research Institute at Eramus University.

At the beginning of the 1990s, he realised that consultancy was his calling and focused on this profession full-time. However, he still has affection for academia, as demonstrated by the many publications and part-time lectureships he conducts for various universities. In 2005, John was appointed professor of marketing at Nyenrode Business University, concentrating on the organisation and implementation of marketing. His main focus is on the cutting edge of strategy, sales and marketing, particularly within B2B environments and for professional service providers. However, non-profit institutions also regularly enlist his help. John is extremely interested in post-merger integration ("that's when everything really comes together") and gives lectures in this subject at Rotterdam School of Management.

In 2006, he succeeded Prof. Willem Vrakking as chairman and management partner of Holland Consulting Group. In his free time, John is actively involved in the cultural sector as a director/supervisor.

Primary areas of expertise:

  • Strategy development, marketing and communication, sales and account management.
  • Change and implementation of commercial policy within large organisations.
  • Post-merger integration.
  • Customer-orientation, market-orientation and enterpreneurship.

Typical requests from John's clients include:

  • Help us to transform from a product-oriented company into a to market-oriented company.
  • How do we integrate online and social media into our commercial policy?
  • We are currently undergoing a difficult merger. Can you help us with it?
  • We are looking for an inspirational chairman for our strategy dialogue. Can you play that role?
  • Can you bring our account managers up to speed with modern professional practice?
  • Help us develop a clear vision of the future.
  • Boost the commercial awareness and enthusiasm of our employees.
  • Examine exactly what our customers expect from us.
  • How can we improve the interplay between marketing and communication/sales and account management?
  • What should we do about CRM and online/social media?
  • Help us boost our commercial strength.
  • Organise our strategy retreat.
  • Help us to structure our merger and post-merger process.
  • Develop a practical management-development process for us.