Loek Wijchers

Loek Wijchers has always given his all for the working man in the broadest sense of the word. He successfully turned his hobby into his livelihood. Just imagine the things you have to do and the sacrifices you have to make in order to achieve this! His profession fascinates him, encouraging him to devise a huge number of ideas that he skilfully puts into practice. Clients usually have a clear idea of the assignment they want, although it is often not what they really need. Wijchers' ability to close the gap between what they ask for and what they need enables him to offer perfect solutions.

Contact details
E-mail: wijchers@hcg.net
Secretary: Soraya Friedrich (tel. 020-5733407)
Mobile: 06-54294320
Management site: http://www.managementsite.nl/auteurs/loek-wijchers

Loek Wijchers has been a partner of Holland Consulting Group since 1990 and managing director of Holland Development Centre since 1990. On 1 January 2013, he was made an honorary partner.

He works as a consultant in both the business sector and non-profit sector in the fields of social policy, human resource management, staff planning and management development. He has developed specialist variations of the Assessment Centre Method for the purposes of recruitment and selection in addition to development of management potential.

He has held a range of positions in the field of personnel affairs, including HR consultant and HR director.

His areas of expertise include developing and implementing strategic HRM policy, setting up recruitment and selection procedures and introducing various quality-control instruments such as assessments, performance reviews, work consultations and management by objectives. He has conducted numerous major projects in these disciplines. He counsels senior managers and provides solutions for problematic working relationships.

Wijchers regulary acts as day chairman for congresses. He also sits on juries and panels, organises seminars and his skills as a speaker are much sought after.

He has written 35 books and hundreds of articles. He has also been a columnist for many different trade journals, such as Personeelsbeleid (HR Policy). Since 2008, Wijchers has also presented the business show Studio E & W, which is broadcast daily on the Dutch channel RTL 7. This programme is about workers in the broadest possible sense of the word.

Wijchers is a member of the NVP (Dutch HRM and Organisational Development Association).

His most notable assignments and requests include:

  • At our company, working relationships are strained. Can you help us?
  • We would like to examine the potential of a particular employee.
  • We want to enhance our employees' performance to a higher level. How can this be achieved?
  • A major conflict has arisen within my department. How can I resolve the situation?
  • Can you conduct an examination of one of our departments? We simply can't pin down what's going wrong.
  • We want to terminate the employment of one of our employees. Have you any ideas about how to do this?
  • Our supervisory board wants to hold a staff conference. Can you organise it?
  • We want to examine whether we are using the right personnel instruments. Can you evaluate this for us?

This is just a small selection of what Wijchers can do for his clients. He has completed so many diverse assignments over the course of his 40+ year career that there is absolutely nothing in this field that he can't turn his hand to.