Marcel Coerver

"The integration of health care / education / (… your vision) and (operational) management, this is my passion. I believe that society is changing in such a way that the processes and procedures, administration and culture in organisations need to adapt. I am ready to support your organisation, as strategy consultant or as interim manager, to make this very important transition with you.”

Drs. Marcel Coerver RC joined Holland Consulting Group as associate partner on 1 September 2015. He consults in the areas of strategy and the administration of health care institutions. He is active as consultant, trainer, and interim manager.

Being an econometrist and Register Controller, Marcel Coerver has a solid financial and economic background. In different positions and assignments he has gained extensive experience as a manager, director of operations or financial director. He is passionate about using his expertise to connect with the primary process. For example, to challenge the professional carers and practitioners in a health care institution to make quality of care concrete. To jointly define the - both substantive and business-economic - preconditions for a unique care institution that provides affordable high-quality care. He also does this from positions such as Healthcare Division Manager, Healthcare Operations Manager or as administrator.

Contact details
Phone: 06 54 760 745
Secretariat : (Eef Span) 020 5733 410

Characteristic of his style is that he combines financial-economic knowledge and a great affinity with healthcare, treatment and education, with a profound understanding of people and behaviour. He connects, provides perspective and energy, and is focused on results.