Mike Hoogveld

"The route you take is more important than the destination itself. Sales, marketing and customer service must constantly adapt and improve by means of 'agile' experimentation. This requires knowledge of customer behaviour and seamless internal collaboration."

Mike Hoogveld RM is an associate partner at Holland Consulting Group. He is a consultant specialised in measurable performance improvement in the field of sales, marketing and customer service. He is also one of the most sought-after sales and marketing speakers in the Netherlands.

Contact details
E-mail: mike.hoogveld@hcg.net
Secretary: Eef Span (tel. 020-5733410)
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/mikehoogveld
Twitter: @mikehoogveld

Mike Hoogveld RM is an associate partner at Holland Consulting Group. He specialises in advising on customer insight, customer orientation, sales and marketing, strategy, multichannel operations, commercial management and systematic performance improvement. He is currently a doctoral candidate conducting scientific research into success factors in multichannel management. He is also a guest lecturer at a variety of universities and business schools.

He graduated from Nyenrode Business University and VU University Amsterdam specialising in business administration and economics. He is also a registered marketeer.

Hoogveld has published a variety of articles via trade journals and blogs. He is also an author of several bestselling books and has been nominated for the PIM Marketing Literature Award and the Management Book of the Year Award.

Primary areas of expertise

  • Marketing, sales and multichannel strategies.
  • Segmentation, proposition and customer-journey development.
  • Performance improvement via processes and collaborations.
  • Customer insight analysis.

Typical assignments set by Mike Hoogveld's clients include:

  • Help us learn what our customers really want and how they act.
  • What is the best sales and marketing strategy for us?
  • How can we optimally segment our market and select target groups?
  • How should our propositions be formulated?
  • Help us to design a customer journey.
  • Help us to implement a multichannel approach.
  • Carry out analysis of how we can cut costs or increase output in our marketing/sales/customer-service department.
  • Conduct a quick scan to identify potential improvements to our sales/marketing/customer-service department.
  • How can we achieve optimal co-operation between sales, marketing and customer service?
  • What do we need to make our organisation optimally customer-oriented?
  • Our sales and marketing director/manager needs coaching.
  • We require an interim sales and marketing director/manager.