Peter Kasteleyn

"Every organization is confronted with changes that result in adaptations of the financial function and the control systems. Bit this doesn’t mean they have to become more complex: simplicity and overview remain crucial. I bring tranquillity and structure to the customer, so the adaptations can be implemented.”

drs. Peter Kasteleyn RC is a highly experienced management consultant and interim manager, and he is partner at Holland Consulting Group. He advises executive boards and boards of directors on (strategic) financial-economic and administrative issues. He also fills temporary director, management, and control functions in these areas. He consults works councils and other representative bodies, and provides training courses in financial policymaking. In addition, Peter Kasteleyn conducts expertise assessments in the fields mentioned. His customers are mainly not-for-profit organizations and social institutions.

Peter Kasteleyn actively contributes to organizations gaining or maintaining financial control. His experience covers almost all subjects in the fields of financial management, administration and governance.

Contact information:

Secretariat: (Soraya Friedrich): 020-5733407
Twitter: @Peter_Kasteleyn


drs. Peter Kasteleyn RC is a socially involved registered controller. His primary expertise covers:

·       the planning & control cycle (budgets, long-term forecasts, management reports, benchmarking);

·       administrative processes (design of administrations, automated systems, AO/IB accounting and internal controls systems);

·       the financial and control function (financial and business control);

·       strategy development (business plans, management models, and capital formation policy).


Peter studied business economics at the VU University in Amsterdam, and he completed the postgraduate registered controller programme at the University of Amsterdam. He started his career as a controller in an international trading company, and subsequently worked as a senior management consultant at Dubois & Co. Registeraccountants in Amsterdam for many years.



Typical questions clients present to Peter are:

  • Advise us about our financial policy, capital formation policy, and treasury policy.
  • Help us write and calculate a business plan for a new activity.
  • How can we report to management more quickly and more reliably?
  • How can we improve the use of our (administrative) systems?
  • How should we set up our budget and the budgetary process?
  • Audit our planning & control cycle and make recommendations on how to improve it.
  • Are we applying the governance code that is relevant to us correctly?
  • Is our pricing structure (still) adequate in the current situation?
  • Fill in the role of controller temporarily and determine the profile for a vacancy announcement.
  • What does the centralization of administrative and control processes mean for the division of tasks, the design of systems, and necessary authorizations?
  • How large should the workforce be in the finance department and the planning & control department?
  • We will be merging with another organization. What does this mean for the financial and control function?
  • We want to improve the content of management reports in line with the new strategy. How can we realize this?
  • We would like a second opinion about the feasibility of a reorganization plan.
  • We will be switching to a project organization. How do we set up our systems and processes?