Rob Bertels

"I have an inexhaustible interest in people and a drive to develop professional awareness and responsibility. This inspires more effective behaviour and gets concrete, measurable results."

Rob Bertels has been a partner at Holland Consulting Group since 2001. He specialises in assessment and development of human potential at the organisational, departmental, team and individual level. He has been active in the upper echelons of the business world since 1990, working as a successful and inspiring coach.

Contact details
Secretary: Soraya Friedrich (tel. 020-5733407)
Twitter: robbertels
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Rob Bertels has been affiliated with Holland Consulting Group since 1989 and has been a partner since 2001. Within the company, he is responsible for the Holland Development Centre, which focuses on the assessment and development of potential within organisations. He gives guidance to organisations during targeted team-development, cultural and behavioural change processes. His primary area of expertise is developing, implementing and conducting result-oriented coaching at the organisational, team and individual level. In this capacity, he is intensively involved in personal counselling for managers and developing their personal effectivity. Over the years, he has published his professional experiences in a variety of trade journals.

Primary areas of expertise

  • Personal development, coaching and counselling.
  • Co-operation and team building.
  • Leadership and leadership development.

Examples of assignments set by Rob Bertels' clients:

  • Personal coaching to identify issues, obstacles and challenges to an employee's personal or professional capacity and to convert this knowledge into concrete action.
  • Counselling teams in order to boost co-operation and communication, as well as achieving greater efficiency and synergy with regard to individual roles and responsibilities.
  • Counselling and mediation in the event of friction, or other forms of conflict resolution such as conducting investigations, quick scans or other interventions.
  • Developing made-to-measure leadership programmes targeting development and reinforcement of leadership and self-leadership at the individual, team and organisational level.
  • Management development, including development of and training in a wide variety of instruments and skills.
  • Recruitment, selection and potential-assessment activities, including personal scans, in-depth interviews and selection/potential assessments for teams or individual candidates.
  • Targeted cultural and behavioural change, including safeguarding the change by means of HRM instruments.
  • Continual improvement of results and organisational development by means of management and self-organisation.
  • Development and implementation of result-driven coaching as a management style.
  • Intervision and professionalisation to boost learning capacity and creating structure in order to guarantee lasting results.